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MW Recruitment supports candidates with Mosaic Executive Coaching

At MW Recruitment we passionately believe in the value of supporting our candidates throughout the process of finding a new job and maintaining that relationship over the long term. As part of our approach, we are proud to collaborate with Mosaic Executive Coaching, a City based consultancy which offers high quality coaching services to professionals seeking to establish early credibility and lay firm foundations for success in their new role. Coaching can also be invaluable for candidates at a ‘career crossroads’ wishing to clarify their next move and for senior candidates approaching the end of a career and considering their final ‘legacy’ role.

The Mosaic approach is unique because all Mosaic coaches are dual-trained as both EMCC senior coaches and experienced psychotherapists, enabling them to bring psychological depth to real-world challenges. They offer individually tailored programmes to help candidates achieve their goals. Starting a new job is an ideal time to explore how coaching could help you to:
• improve time management, performance and productivity
• increase confidence and self-esteem
• enhance management and leadership skills
• reduce stress and anxiety
• sharpen focus and strengthen motivation
• change unhelpful attitudes and habits

Mosaic clients consistently report improvements in performance and well-being.
Visit for client testimonials and further information or call 07722 309592 for a free initial consultation.
A 10% discount is offered to MW Recruitment candidates who book a series of 6 coaching meetings. 

Clients Get in touch
0207 199 6263
finding the right person for the right role

Get in touch
0207 199 6263
finding the right person for the right role