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Job Details - Trade Capture/Clearing - ref: 10817
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Trade Capture/Clearing - ref: 10817
£40000 - £40000
published: 18/03/2019

A leading futures brokerage wish to recruit a clearing administrator to ensure the collection and clearing through the appropriate exchanges.

Role duties include:

  • Liaising with traders and clients to deal with any discrepancies.
  • To ensure there are no out trades (i.e. all positions have been allocated at the end of the day.)
  • To ensure trades are correctly matched to output reports.
  • Processing give up agreements.
  • Liaising with the clearing manager to effectively progress junior training plans.
  • Ensure that exchange reports/actions are correctly maintained.
  • To ensure all options have been correctly exercised / assigned.

Experience / Skills

  • A level standard mathematics and English and/or minimum 3 years of experience in trade clearing environment.
  • Industry related qualifications e.g. financial services exams, EUREX etc is desirable.
  • Working knowledge and experience of European exchanges.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of futures and options market.
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